Who Are We?

“Együtt a Jövő Mérnökeiért Szövetség” (“EJMSz”, Alliance for the Future Engineers) is an alliance of significant large enterprises in Hungary that have realised there is a strong connection between the knowledge, creativity and innovative talents of engineers, and the success of a country. “We are building a bridge for the engineers of the future!”

What Is Our Mission?

EJMSz was founded in order to assist, support and intensify, by direct experience, the connections among educational establishments, businesses, and the representatives of the engineering profession; furthermore, to contribute to the education of a successful and creative generation of engineers.

How Will We Realise It?

Through coordinated actions, the four working groups of the Alliance (Secondary School, University, Communication and Social Prestige, Advocacy) work on a daily basis to popularize the natural sciences and also to improve the position of their target groups.

“Concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors.”
Albert Einstein